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Customer Service
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Are You, What Do You Do, and How Can You Help Me?
    Who we are: e-onlinedata processes credit card transactions for virtually every size and type of business. We are not a "bank" but rather a merchant "processor". We are a Registered ISO of HSBC.. Global Payments, our "settlement" network, currently process over 2.7 billion transactions per year and serves more than one million merchant locations.

    What we do: Many merchants come to us because they realize that they must accept credit card payments in order to start a viable business, maintain a healthy bottom line, or to increase sales. Others have found their current processors to be expensive in terms of money or down-time and turned to our cost-effective, reliable transaction solutions. We specialize in processing solutions for non-traditional businesses, perhaps because we are non-traditional ourselves in our quest for the most technologically advanced payment technology.

    Our advantages to you: The e-onlinedata team brings you: (1) Quick, effective, reliable credit card transaction solutions best suited to your business (2) Non "commissioned" sale professionals whose focus is to help you get your merchant account approved and up and running efficiently (3) Cost-effective, affordable rates and flexible payment options.

    Our distinction: We are forward thinkers, scouring the globe for new technology that will make fast, accurate transaction processing even better. We are extremely customer-focused and dedicated to providing exceptional customer support without exception. Our goal is to become unequalled in rapid merchant growth, responsive customer support, and reliable electronic transaction processing. In other words, we take a "We must be the best" approach to implementing technological developments, enhancing our reputation for trustworthiness and reliability, and giving superior customer service.

    Services and products we offer to merchants: We offer all-encompassing, customized payment processing solutions for Internet, MOTO, Auction, and Retail businesses of all sizes. Our solutions include: (1) Turn-key Internet payment gateways and virtual terminals (2) Fraud detection services (3) Call center and shopping cart solution support and (4) Services for recurring payments (5) Retails terminals at wholesale prices.
  • How Private and How Secure Are You?
    e-onlinedata is committed to protecting your privacy: We know the information we collect is very confidential; that is why we keep it strictly private. Transactions are secure, and passwords are required to access the system. Only specific e-onlinedata employees are permitted to access electronic data. To find out about how we protect your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • How Do I Obtain a Merchant Account?
    How to obtain an eCommerce, Mail Order or Auction Merchant Account: We will provide you with a processing solution that is compatible with hundreds of shopping carts and store builders. Click here to apply.

    How to obtain a Retail Merchant Account: If you want to process transactions for your retail store or mobile business, please click here.

    Prices of our services: Our prices are the most affordable in the industry. Each price is based upon your custom needs according to your industry, payment acceptance methods, accepted card types, and other factors.

    Setting up a merchant account does not take long: As soon as you complete our secure Online Application,you will receive your Merchant ID Number (MID) INSTANTLY. In as little as 24 to 48 hours after we receive your signed Congratulations pages and voided check, your account can be approved and set up. For certain types of businesses considered High Risk, and for applications containing errors, the process may take longer.

    Merchant accounts will have approved processing limits: We approve merchant accounts based on the projected monthly Visa/MasterCard dollar volume merchants request on the application, type of business, personal credit of the business owner and other factors. e-onlinedata monitors account activity and reserves the right to review the account if volume exceeds the approved processing limits.

    Review of merchants' credit information: When a credit card transaction takes place, the cardholder is debited and you are credited for the amount. However, the cardholder can dispute the charges for up to 180 days after the transaction occurs. When the cardholder initiates a chargeback, the transaction amount is automatically taken from your account and credited to the cardholder by their issuing bank. Therefore, we need to ensure that each merchant applying for an account is in good financial health, has a viable business, and operates with good faith so that they and their cardholders can resolve any disputes that might arise.

    Merchants' liability for disputed transactions: Mastercard and Visa Card Association rules decide liability in case of disputes. The merchant is liable for disputed charges if the credit card is not present during the transaction. However, disputes of this kind might be reversed, depending on the circumstances.

    How you receive payment for submitted transactions: To receive funds from your MasterCard and Visa transactions into your Personal or Business checking account, we use the ACH system (Automated Clearing House). However, American Express and Discover will remit funds directly to your checking account if you have service agreements with them.

    If you are switching from another payment processor to e-onlinedata: Please do not close your current merchant account until your account with us is set up to process. When you are ready to process with e-onlinedata, then close the account with your former processor.
  • What Gateways and Software Can I Use?
    e-onlinedata solutions for processing transactions: We have many ways of processing your transactions, no matter what your circumstances. We have solutions for PC as well as Internet transactions. Please see our Processing Solutions.
  • What Training and Support Do You Offer?
    Our training is designed to suit each merchant's needs: We gladly provide telephone and email training not only when you first start using e-onlinedata services but later on as well. We will also keep you updated on industry regulatory changes. Please see our eCommerce Best Practices including examples of refund, cancellation & warranty policies.

    Our technical support hours: Contact info and tech support hours are listed in the Customer Support section.
  • How Is Information Processed?
    You can see transaction information right away: Obtain up-to-date transaction information via reporting tools such as Authorize.Net's merchant interface.

    Interchange fees: We pay credit card "Issuers" Visa/MasterCard interchange fees for being allowed to process their cards. MasterCard and Visa base interchange fees upon the industry and the transaction method.

    Merchants can accept multiple credit cards: e-onlinedata supports Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club/Carte Blanche, American Express, and JCB. We actually process payments for our merchants for their MasterCard and Visa transactions. When a transaction is processed, the transaction is authorized, the data is captured, and the funds are settled into the merchant's checking account at their local bank.

    Commercial cards: These are corporate, purchasing, and business cards which MasterCard and Visa provides to certain card issuers. Businesses can use them as an alternative to purchase orders, using them to buy items such as office supplies and T&E. Commercial card holders receive the benefit of itemized records of purchases. This facilitates tracking expenses and getting reimbursed for expenses.

    Private label cards: They are issued by certain merchant organizations as an incentive for merchants to purchase from their members. The cards carry the organization's name along with the issuer's insignia. Card holders are awarded for using the cards, receiving discounts, deferred payment, usage points and so on.
  • How Do I Apply Online?
    To get started you must be the principal owner of the business and have the following information:

    1. Business located within the United States of America
    2. US Federal Tax ID# (For Corporations)
    3. # U.S. Social Security Number of the principal signer
    4. # U.S. checking account and routing numbers (see "voided check" details below)
    5. You must be 18 or older to be eligible to apply for an Internet Certified merchant account

    The Online Application Process:
    1. Please Complete and Submit the Online Application to establish your VISA/MasterCard Merchant Account INSTANTLY!
    2. After completing the Online Application, you will be presented your Congratulations pages with your Schedule of Fees and Merchant ID Number (MID) with instructions on how to proceed.
      • Please: 1) Print 2) Sign (twice) and 3) Fax your Congratulations page and a Voided Check to us immediately.
      • If you currently have a Merchant Account, in order to EXPEDITE your approval by our Underwriting Department, please fax your previous two months complete Visa/MC Statements to us, along with your signed Congratulations pages and Voided Check.
      • PLEASE FAX ALL DOCUMENTS TO: FAX# 877.292.3405
      • If you have TEMPORARY BUSINESS OR PERSONAL CHECKS (because you have not yet received your Pre-Printed checks) please have your bank write a BANK LETTER stating your business name (DBA), Account Number and Transit Routing Number, and fax that to us (do not fax your temporary check for security reasons).
    5. APPROVAL:
      • For PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATION and TESTING, we will send your Login ID and Password by email as soon your merchant account has completed the Underwriting process. However, if you process transactions funds will not be released until your merchant account receives Final Approval.
      • Your merchant account will receive FINAL-APPROVAL as soon as we receive all required documentation and your WEB SITE is active and able to accept credit cards. If you are a Mail Order or Auction business planning to use the Virtual Terminal to process credit cards, you must include this information in the Additional Comments section of the Online Application.
      • If you are a RETAIL merchant and have selected to purchase either a retail credit card Terminal or Mobile Wireless solution to swipe your customer’s cards face to face, your equipment will be programmed and shipped to you upon approval. You will then receive a call from our Terminal Deployment team for training.

    The application approval process: All submitted applications are electronically reviewed and may be approved automatically. If so, you will receive an Approval email from our Underwriting Department and you can start to use our system within 24 to 48 hours. If further review is required by our Underwriting Department, we will contact you via email if additional information is required.

    Once your application is approved: When your application has been approved, we will email you to confirm it. We will then email you your Login ID and Temporary Password and instructions when using Authorize.Net or another payment gateway.

    Your application information is secure: Your information is safe with us. It is held in a secure environment and encrypted for safety.

    Application review: Your application will be reviewed by our Underwriting Department. Be assured that they will keep your information confidential.

    Submitting the application: If you are experiencing difficulty in completing your application or sending it online, please contact us at 1-877-685-6271 or We will be happy to assist you promptly.
  • What Will a Payment Gateway Do for Me?
    Definition of Gateway: A third-party service such as Authorize.Net that securely transmits eCommerce transactions to a payment processor for authorization.

    Why your business needs a Payment Gateway: Payment Gateways benefit eCommerce businesses in many ways. Gateways allow businesses to expand their potential by reaching new customers. Your sales will likely increase as a result of offering customers an easy, secure means of buying online. Also doing business online can be cheaper and more convenient than using a frame relay, dial-up, or leased line connection. In addition, Gateways allow you to review batches and exceptions as well as access your transactions any time you like.

    Typical Payment Gateway Online Reporting:

    • Search features – Allows you to define a set of criteria with which to perform an advanced search through all existing transactions. This information can be downloaded to your computer for future reference. You can also use this feature to import data into third-party systems.
    • Settlement Date – View ALL Settled transactions or click the From: and To: drop-down boxes to view Unsettled transactions or choose a range of settlement dates in which to search.
    • Payment Method – Click the drop-down box and choose the payment method: ALL (default), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club or eCheck.
    • Credit Card Number – Enter a full credit card number or use a wildcard (ex., *5555).
    • Bank Account Number – Enter a full bank account number or use a wildcard (ex., 5555).
    • Customer Name – Enter the customer's first name and/or last name.
    • Customer ID – Enter the customer's ID number.
    • Transaction Status – Click the drop-down box to search for transactions with a particular status:
      • ALL (default)
      • Authorized/Pending Capture
      • Captured/Pending Settlement
      • Could Not Void
      • Credit/Pending Settlement
      • Credited
      • Declined
      • Expired
      • Pending Final Settlement
      • Review Failed
      • Settled Successfully
      • Under Review
      • Voided
    • Transaction ID – Enter a specific transaction ID number.
    • Transaction Invoice Number – Enter a specific invoice number.

    Operating a business can take up much of your days and nights. Therefore, we enable you to access important transaction information when it is convenient for you, the Merchant Interface and Virtual Terminal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

    The Virtual Terminal is for "key entered" or "card not present" transactions: It does not support "card swipe" transactions. It does support authorization, authorization and capture, refunds, and voids. Extended order data can be entered for reconciliation and tracking.

    Transactions can be processed from many locations: Transactions can be processed from Web sites, mail-order departments, and call centers--any "card not present" channel. Simply integrate your order processing with our APIs and specifications.
  • What Will a Virtual Terminal Do for Me?
    Definition of Virtual Terminal: The Virtual Terminal is a major feature of your Authorize.Net and Plug'n Pay gateway system. The Virtual Terminal processes much like a physical terminal, since it is a REAL TIME point-of-sale terminal on which transactions can be keyed entered. It has a broad array of features and requires only a computer with an Internet connection and web browser.

    A Virtual Terminal has many features: No extra phone lines or unnecessary hardware is required; only an Internet connection and web browser are needed. It includes: (1) "Key enter" processing functions for credit card transactions, authorization, refunds/credit returns, voids, etc. (2) Payment management functions, such as retrieve, review, and settle batches, settle marked transactions. (3) The option of either settling batch transactions automatically at day's end - or - using the Virtual Terminal to manage the settlement process manually whenever it is convenient for you. (4) Simple order research and retrieve facility (5) Secure log-in.

    The Virtual Terminal has fraud detection and other benefits: All our payment gateway systems support AVS (Address Verification System) and Card Verification Value (CVV) services:

    • AVS - Enter a customer's billing address, and the system will compare it to the address the card issuer has on file. Therefore, if someone is trying to use a stolen card to buy and ship items to a false address, this illegal activity will be detected before it occurs.
    • # CVV - This is the Visa/MasterCard process involving a 3-digit number printed on the card near the signature. It also is used for authorizing credit cards when the card is absent during the transaction.

    A Virtual Terminal can have multiple users with separate log-ins: Merchants who have the Plug 'n Pay system can also have many log-ins with restricted access. For example, the merchant can act as the administrator and can allow one user to authorize only and another user to authorize and capture, as well as issue a refund.

    A Virtual Terminal can be used almost anywhere: It can be used at trade shows or anywhere an Internet connection and web browser are present to access the Virtual Terminal.

    Some merchants use the Virtual Terminal only to authorize transactions: Some "card not present" merchants can authorize items with the Virtual Terminal and settle them using another processing interface. They should note that when settling, merchants must still include the original authorization code, date, order number, merchant ID, card number, and date from the Virtual Terminal.

    Some merchants use the Virtual Terminal only to settle transactions: In addition, merchants can obtain a Voice Authorization over the phone and capture the transaction for settlement using the Virtual Terminal.

    A Virtual Terminal can store transaction history for six months: Search items by a variety of means, such as card account number, order number, and date range. You can search either by transaction or batch level.

    Customer Support staff are here to assist you: The support center is available during business hours. When the account is being set up, you will be given a toll-free number and e-mail address for contacting us with questions. Or you can see our Customer Support section.
  • What is a "Qualified" or "Non-Qualified" Transaction?
    Certain conditions must be met for an Internet transaction to Qualify for the 2.29% (or applicable) discount rate. If a transaction doesn't Qualify, it becomes a Non-Qualified transaction and the discount rate will increase (please check your Schedule of Fees). Due to increased RISK, Visa/MasterCard increases the COST to merchants for Non-Qualified transactions.

    Here are Visa/MasterCard's rules for Internet transactions:


    • The transaction must be electronically captured no later than 24 hours from authorization.
    • The authorization code must be included in settled transaction (this is done automatically by the system when using a Payment Gateway such as Authorize.Net to "authorize" the card).
    • The authorization request message must include matching Address Verification Service data (AVS) data such as Zip Code and/or Street Address.
    • The transaction/shipping date must be within 7 calendar days of the authorization date.
    • The authorized transaction amount must match the settled transaction amount.
    • The settled transaction data must include the merchant's customer service telephone number, the order or invoice number, and the total authorized amount.
    • Additional data is required in the settled transaction on all Purchasing and Commercial cards at non-T&E locations (Purchasing card - customer code and sales tax; Commercial card - sales tax)


    • One or more of the Qualified conditions were not met. (OR)
    • The transaction was electronically settled more than 24 hours from the authorization date. (OR)
    • Commercial card, World MasterCard, or Visa Signature card accepted at a T&E location. (OR)
    • No additional data in the settled transaction on Purchasing and Commercial card at non-T&E locations. (Purchasing Card - customer code and sales tax; Commercial Card - sales tax). (OR)
    • Visa Infinite card accepted. (OR)
    • Transaction was not electronically authorized (voice authorization) or the authorization code was not included in the settled transaction.
    • The customer is using a Corporate orGovernment-issued credit card.
    • The customer is using a credit card issued by a Foreign Bank.
  • How does Authorize.Net integrate to online Shopping Carts?
    Authorize.Net offers two methods of direct integration to their Payment Gateway: Advanced Integration Method (AIM) and Simple Integration Method (SIM). Authorize.Net offers toll free tech support at 877.447.3938 and is "pre-integrated" to most available shopping cart software.

    For detailed information about Authorize.Net including both SIM and AIM Integration Guides, and a comprehensive list of "certified and compatible" pre-integrated shopping carts, please click here.
  • What is a Chargeback and How do I Protect Against Them?
    Customer disputes and chargebacks are very costly to eCommerce merchants in terms of both time and money. Disputes are time consuming to resolve, and when left unresolved... turn into expensive chargebacks! There are two primary causes for cardholder disputes:

    • Customer expectation not met due to misinterpretation of products or services.
    • Refund/Exchange/Warranty/Cancellation policies missing, unclear or unreasonable.

    Both can be effectively addressed with clear and specific Product/Services info and clear Policies and Procedures. It is important to keep in mind that as a Visa/MC merchant you have agreed to abide by Visa/MC's regulations. To that end, you sometimes have to throw "common sense" out the window when creating "policies" and marketing your products or services.

    Visa/MC will allow any cardholder to chargeback a purchase if the customer can demonstrate to ANY degree that they have not received the products or services promised by your company in the quantity, quality & time frame promised. In other words, if your company promises product or services delivery on Tuesday, but the product or service is not delivered until Wednesday (a day late), that cardholder can probably charge that sale back with little you can do about it.

    Likewise, if the quantity or quality of products or services delivered are not exactly as described on your Web site or in other marketing materials, the cardholder will be allowed to chargeback the purchase. It is not always fair, but if anything is left unclear, it almost always falls to the favor of the cardholder. For your protection and success, we strongly encourage you to spell everything out clearly and take nothing for granted, even the obvious.
  • Address Verification Settings for "Gift" Cards
    Merchants accepting "gift" credit cards may experience an Address Verification System (AVS) rejection based on a default filter setting for their Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. (AVS allows merchants to validate the customer's billing address before accepting a credit card transaction.) However, for gift credit cards, the actual customer's billing address often will not be associated with the gift card, or will not exist on file at the issuing bank. With the default payment gateway AVS settings in place, this may result in a rejected transaction. To allow for the smooth processing of gift credit cards during increased post holiday shopping, please take the following steps to turn off the appropriate default payment gateway setting:

    1. 1. Log into your Authorize.Net Merchant Interface
    2. 2. Click Settings and Profile in the main menu
    3. 3. Click Address Verification System (AVS) in the Security section
    4. 4. Click to deselect the checkbox labeled Address information for cardholder is unavailable (U)
    5. 5. Click Submit

    Your AVS settings are now updated to allow the processing of gift credit card purchases with unavailable address information.

    To reach Authorize.Net Tech Support, call 877-447-3938 Ext 5.

    For additional Authorize.Net information please click here.




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